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Welcome to the Falco GIF Animator Help
One of the best Tool to draw and edit animated images (GIFs) is the Falco GIF Animator.

Falco GIF Animator is a powerful Tool for creating unique animated icons (GIFs).

Now let's start learning about Falco GIF Animator !

The Falco GIF Animator's window will look like this:

Work Space

The Falco work space consists of Main menu, Icon window, Color system panel and Tool bar. The Icon window is divided into two frames: the Drawing frame on the left and the Preview frame on the right.

Falco GIF Animator supports a comprehensive environment for professional designers and graphics producers to create unique animated GIFs for software products, application program, games and anything you want!

Use the help file to know more about the functionality of Falco Icon Studio, or to use the examples.

Stay in touch with the most recent developments and visit the Falco GIF Animator Internet web site at