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Scanning Your Registry
The general procedure for scanning your Windows Registry is described here.

1. Click on the "All" button to select all items to scan.

2. Click on the "Start Scan" button to start scanning your Windows Registry.

3.The Registry Scan Screen allows you to select which items within the Windows Registry to scan.

      By default, Registry Booster performs complete scans. At this stage, it is important to perform a complete scan.

      To select the desired section scanning of your registry you must click the names of items to scan. For examle: click on "ActiveX, OLE,COM"
to scan only the information about ActiveX,OLE,COM.  

      To start scanning your registry, click on the "Scan" button.


     Registry Booster will start scanning and for a short while (depending on how big your registry is), you will see the following Progress Screen:

1.Here is shown the information about the current root in the Register where scanning now.

2.This is the information about number of errors which were found during Registry scanning for every chosen module.

3.Click the "Stop Scan" button to stop scanning.

      Once you run your scan, the results  pops up automatically to reveal the incongruences found by Falco Registry Doctor.
Below at the picture you can see the example of scan results:


1.Here is shown the list of all errors which were found during scanning. You can see the name of error and information about it.

2.Click on this button to select all errors.

3.Click on this button to unselect all errors.

4.This is the number of all founded errors.

5.Click on the "Fix Errors" button to fix errors in Windows Registry.